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New Design Unveiled for Lahore’s Iconic Liberty Chowk

In a recent gathering at the Chief Minister’s office, chaired by Punjab’s caretaker Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, several pivotal projects came under discussion.

Among the projects greenlit during the meeting was the ambitious renovation of Lahore’s renowned Liberty Chowk. The aim of this undertaking is to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of one of the provincial capital’s most prominent landmarks.

Furthermore, an agreement was inked with a leading bank for the installation of what is slated to become the largest national flag in South Asia. The meeting also delved into plans for extending and fortifying the Lahore Metro Bus Service route.

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The officials in attendance also gave the nod to the Punjab government’s 2023 strategy concerning the allocation of government residences and the appointment of new board members.

In a bid to bolster regional connectivity, the provincial cabinet greenlit the expansion of the Speedo Bus Service contract, stretching it from Bahawalpur to Lodhran.

In a proactive move, Mohsin Naqvi directed the relevant stakeholders to explore the implementation of night and evening shifts at the dental facility.

The decisions made in this meeting signal significant developments aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and services in Lahore and its surrounding areas.

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