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Chinese Collaboration Set to Bolster Real Estate Growth in Pakistan

Peshawar: A surge in real estate development in Pakistan is on the horizon, with an infusion of expertise from Chinese professionals. Dr. Liaqat Ali Shah, head of policy at the Centre of Excellence for CPEC, revealed that a workforce comprising 5,000 Chinese engineers and laborers is poised to propel Pakistan towards its ambitious real estate goals.

Acknowledging the success of the Sino-Pak partnership, Dr. Liaqat expressed determination to see the collaboration through to fruition. He emphasized that addressing Pakistan’s pressing housing and communication needs requires international cooperation, particularly in bridging skill gaps.

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Pakistan’s infrastructure enhancement agenda, including the construction of the CPEC trade route, stands as a testament to its commitment to progress. Dr. Liaqat underscored the transformative potential of this national endeavor, which is poised to elevate Pakistan’s regional standing.

Highlighting the strategic approach, Dr. Liaqat mentioned that Chinese engineers will prioritize sustainable design principles to fortify infrastructure in regions prone to natural disasters. However, he cautioned that navigating economic challenges, particularly inflation, presents a formidable hurdle to development efforts.

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