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Meezan Bank Introduces Solar Panel Financing Scheme for Homes

KARACHI, Feb 1: Meezan Bank has introduced an innovative solar panel financing scheme, ‘Meezan Solar’, to encourage Pakistanis to switch to renewable energy and work towards a greener, sustainable future.

The scheme allows homeowners to purchase and install solar panels through customized financing options, spreading costs into convenient monthly installments over 1 to 5 years. This lets consumers adopt solar power to reduce electricity bills and environmental footprint.

Key features of the Meezan Solar financing are:

  • Financing Tenure: Minimum 1 year, Maximum 5 years
  • Locations: Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi
  • Financing Amount: Minimum PKR 100,000, Maximum PKR 2,500,000
  • Down payment of minimum 15%, maximum 50%

The financing covers costs of inverters, solar panels and associated expenses like installation, wiring etc. Premium Banking customers can avail financing up to PKR 3,000,000.

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Interested consumers can learn more and assess solar financing eligibility on the bank’s website at [Meezan Bank Solar Panel Financing link].

Terms and conditions apply as with any financing arrangement. The scheme aligns with global renewable energy adoption and provides an accessible option for consumers to make a sustainable difference.

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