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Pakistan’s IT Services Exports Earn $1.15 Billion in 5 Months

ISLAMABAD, Jan 30: Pakistan has made history by earning $1.151 billion from the export of various Information Technology (IT) services to other countries during the first five months of fiscal year 2023-24.

This marks a significant 5.89% increase compared to the $1.087 billion earned during the same period last fiscal year, as per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). From July to November 2023, computer services exports increased by 8.17% from $864.429 million to $935.016 million.

Software consultancy services saw a remarkable 46.67% growth to $2.508 million, while hardware consultancy services increased by 4.15% to $331.231 million.

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This encouraging trend highlights a valuable contribution to Pakistan’s economic growth and emphasizes the country’s rising stature in the global IT services industry. Industry experts have termed this consistent growth a significant achievement and called for further government support through business-friendly policies.

With the right strategies, Pakistan can further tap into the vast potential of IT exports to boost foreign exchange earnings and create high-value employment opportunities for tech professionals.

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