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KDA Plans Massive Housing Project on 14,000 Acres near Karachi

KARACHI – The Karachi Development Authority (KDA) is planning a mega housing scheme on 14,000 acres of land near the Northern Bypass (M-10) in Karachi to address its financial crunch, as per recent reports.

The project was approved by the KDA governing board around two years ago but awaited the Sindh government’s acquisition of state-owned land.

KDA Director General Naveed Anver outlined the next steps, saying a proposal will be submitted by the CM to allot over 14,000 acres of land near M-10 at concessional rates to be paid in four equal installments. Additionally, the Board of Revenue (BoR) will be informed to ascertain ownership details for potential purchase of private land in Deh Mahio and Deh Mithaghar.

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The DG highlighted that housing demand in the city is rising and an estimated 100,000 new housing units will be required annually. However, the official sector can only produce 32,000 units, forcing people to live in slums due to lack of affordable options.

The proposed scheme is being seen as a much-needed step to tackle Karachi’s housing shortage. However, experts have called for careful planning to avoid haphazard urban sprawl and overburdening of civic infrastructure. Proper provision of utilities and community facilities will be essential for the project’s success.

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