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CDA Proposes Changes to Zone III Regulations in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD – The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has submitted proposals to the federal government for modifications in the zoning regulations for Zone III areas of Islamabad, according to reports on January 2, 2023.

The proposals offer two options for the cabinet to consider: either approve the new changes made by a CDA committee headed by the planning member, or form a commission led by a judge and assisted by a technical team to complete the task within 15 days before presenting the findings again for approval.

Some of the key changes proposed by CDA are:

  • Delineate ambiguous areas of Zone III that are not part of Margalla Hills National Park or other designated zones.
  • Keep current zones as they are and ensure villages situated on private land in the hills are designated as model villages.
  • Include the area between sectors F-6 and C-16 in Zone I.
  • Zone IV should encompass private land on the left side of Bhara Kahu areas.

Notably, the federal government has recently constituted a commission to oversee Zone III, signaling increasing oversight of the area’s zoning and development.

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The proposed modifications indicate CDA’s efforts to address long-standing issues related to haphazard growth and unclear regulations in the ecologically sensitive Zone III areas. However, conservationists have voiced concerns over increased commercialization and construction in the region.

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