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ECP Finalizes Countrywide Polling Station Plan for General Elections 2024

ISLAMABAD, Jan 27: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has finalized a comprehensive countrywide polling station plan for the upcoming general elections on February 8, 2024, to ensure smooth voting.

The plan aims to provide holistic insights into the allocation and categorization of polling stations across the country to enable informed participation and address any concerns well ahead of the election date. Approximately 92,000 polling stations are planned to be established nationwide.

The complete polling plan will be made public closer to the election date. It will give voters a general idea of the distribution of polling stations across the four provinces and federal capital in terms of categorization including regular, sensitive or highly sensitive based on the security environment and past instances of election violence.

Punjab, the most populous province, will have 52,412 polling stations set up for the upcoming elections. Of these, 6,040 are categorized as highly sensitive and 15,617 as sensitive. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa will have 15,737 polling places, with 4,726 marked as highly sensitive and 6,180 as sensitive. The plan identifies 7,802 highly sensitive, 6,576 sensitive and 4,718 regular polling stations in Sindh. Additionally, Balochistan will have 5,015 polling stations.

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The ECP has assured that all requisite facilities and security measures will be present at the polling stations to ensure free, fair and transparent election proceedings.

Candidates have been reminded of their legal obligation to end campaigns by midnight, February 6, as per the Elections Act, 2017. Violators risk facing legal consequences for flouting this deadline.

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