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WhatsApp to Get Color Themes and Sticker Editor Soon

Sticker Editor

WhatsApp is rolling out a new sticker editor in the latest beta version for iOS. This feature will allow users to add new stickers to their favorites, edit existing ones, and create custom stickers within the app. Previously, third-party apps were required for sticker creation. Last year, WhatsApp introduced the ability to turn photos into stickers but there was no way to edit stickers directly in the app. The sticker editor eliminates the need for third-party apps.

Accent Themes

WhatsApp currently only allows switching between light and dark themes. Soon users will be able to choose from multiple color themes to change the accent colors of the app. Options include green, blue, white, pink and lavender. Changing to a particular theme will change the color of notifications and other UI elements.

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These features are currently only available in the WhatsApp beta for iOS. The Android beta does not have them yet. It is unclear when these will roll out to the general public.

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