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Snowstorm Paralyzes Murree, Leaves Tourists Stranded

Murree, a beloved tourist destination, finds itself in a state of crisis as it grapples with a staggering ten inches of snowfall within a mere 24-hour period. Travelers visiting the picturesque hill station are facing mounting challenges as icy roads trigger traffic congestion, vehicle breakdowns, and a gridlock along the Murree Expressway.

Collaborative efforts between the National Highway Authority (NHA) and local communities are underway to clear the snow-clogged thoroughfares. However, progress is hindered by intermittent snowfall. Meanwhile, travelers are grappling with power outages and exorbitant accommodation expenses, exacerbating their plight.

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In response to the dire situation, the Relief Commissioner Punjab has mobilized resources to expedite road clearance operations, particularly in anticipation of continued snowfall and rainfall forecasted by the meteorological department. To manage traffic effectively, authorities in Islamabad have enforced restrictions on access to Murree, limiting entry to a radius of 17 miles.

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