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Pakistan’s Reefer Truck Initiative Boosts Bilateral Trade with Russia

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – In a significant move to strengthen economic ties, Pakistan has launched a pioneering reefer truck service to facilitate the export of fresh agricultural produce to Russia. The initiative, spearheaded by the National Logistics Cell (NLC) and the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), has already seen a fleet of sixteen trucks transporting fruits across a staggering 6,000-kilometer land route, reaching the Russian cities of Derbent and Grozny.

The reefer truck service marks a strategic shift in Pakistan’s trade strategy, particularly in the export of fruits to Russia. What once took months via sea routes now takes a mere 18 days through a direct land route via Iran and Azerbaijan, bypassing the complexities of Afghan transit. Notably, the temperature-controlled environment ensures that the produce, including the popular kinnow variety, remains fresh throughout the arduous journey.

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The collaborative efforts of the NLC and SIFC have garnered praise from Russian officials, who have acknowledged the initiative’s role in fostering bilateral trade relations between the two nations. With the launch of this direct transit service, the trade landscape between Pakistan and Russia is poised for a transformative shift, presenting abundant business opportunities and the potential to escalate bilateral trade volumes to an estimated $20 billion.

NLC, a government agency specialized in transport and logistics, has emerged as a key facilitator in Pakistan’s efforts to export a diverse range of products, including bananas, meat, and various food grains, not only to Russia but also to Central Asian states and China.

This groundbreaking achievement underscores Pakistan’s commitment to exploring innovative avenues for enhancing its global trade footprint, laying the groundwork for mutually beneficial partnerships and economic growth.

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