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Metro Bus New Terminal – Affordable and Stress-Free Travel to B-17 Islamabad

In a groundbreaking move to elevate connectivity and accessibility, the launch of the new Metro Bus route to B-17 stands as a pivotal moment, transforming the landscape for residents, especially those residing in the lush haven of Multi-Gardens. Amidst the scenic embrace of projects like Winston Mall, J7 Emporium, and Capital Square, B-17 has evolved into a thriving community, offering world-class amenities complemented by heavenly Margalla views.This expansive development promises economical and hassle-free travel and signifies a monumental shift in the daily commute dynamics for the dynamic community nestled within Multi-Gardens. The fusion of modern infrastructure and heavenly surroundings positions B-17 as an epitome of contemporary living, with the new Metro Bus route acting as a gateway to seamless connectivity and enriched lifestyles for its residents.

Revolutionizing Commute in B-17:

The bustling streets of B-17, a thriving residential hub, have now been seamlessly integrated into the modern Metro Bus network. This development brings unprecedented convenience to the doorstep of Multi-Garden residents, making travel not only economical but also free from the usual urban hustle.

Metro Bus: A Game-Changer for Multi-Garden Residents:

Residents of Multi-Gardens can now experience the comfort, affordability, and efficiency of the Metro Bus system. The bright red buses, traversing dedicated lanes, provide a swift and eco-friendly mode of transportation, ensuring a seamless connection to the heart of Islamabad.

Key Benefits for Multi-Garden Residents:

Economical Travel: With the new Metro Bus route, residents enjoy an economical mode of travel, reducing the financial burden associated with daily commuting.Hassle-Free Connectivity:Bid farewell to traffic woes and the stress of daily commutes. The Metro Bus offers hassle-free connectivity, ensuring a smooth and timely journey for Multi-Garden residents.Integrated Urban Lifestyle: The Metro Bus inauguration adds a new layer to the integrated urban lifestyle in Multi-Gardens. Residents can now effortlessly connect to key destinations in Islamabad, contributing to a more connected and vibrant community.Connecting Communities: This Metro Bus extension is not just a route; it’s a bridge connecting communities and fostering a sense of unity. As B-17 joins the network, the ripple effect of improved connectivity reaches every resident, enhancing the overall quality of life.

Exploring Beyond B-17:

Beyond the convenience of the Metro Bus system, residents can also explore other prominent housing societies, such as Blue World City, Rudn Enclave, 7 Wonders City Peshawar, Taj Residencia, Kingdom Valley, New Metro City Gujar Khan, Forest Town Rawalpindi, University Town Rawalpindi, ICHS Town, Park View City Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad. This interconnected network of modern transportation opens up a world of possibilities for residents seeking diverse experiences.

Farewell to Traffic Woes:

With the new Metro Bus route, Multi-Garden residents bid farewell to the challenges of traffic congestion and unpredictable commutes. The air-conditioned buses, equipped with modern amenities, promise a comfortable journey, allowing residents to arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed.


In conclusion, the inauguration of the Metro Bus route to B-17 signifies not just a transportation upgrade but a significant milestone in community development. The economical and hassle-free travel facilities it brings to Multi-Garden residents exemplify a commitment to enhancing urban living and fostering connectivity. This is more than a bus route; it’s a pathway to a more integrated, accessible, and vibrant community life.

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