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Meezan Bank Lauded as Top Taxpayer at Pakistan’s Tax Excellence Awards 2024

Leading Islamic Bank Honored for Substantial Tax Contributions

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – Meezan Bank, Pakistan’s premier Islamic banking institution, was celebrated among the nation’s highest taxpaying organizations at the prestigious Tax Excellence Awards 2024 ceremony held in the capital.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the chief guest at the event, commended tax-compliant entities like Meezan Bank as “ambassadors of Pakistan,” driving economic progress through their substantial contributions to the national exchequer.

Addressing the gathering of top taxpayers, traders, and businessmen, PM Shehbaz announced that the government would confer “honorary ambassadorship” status on the highest taxpayers by issuing them blue Pakistani passports – a symbolic gesture recognizing their pivotal role in fueling the country’s economic growth.

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Meezan Bank’s recognition at the Tax Excellence Awards 2024 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to fulfilling its civic responsibilities and supporting Pakistan’s socio-economic development through ethical tax practices.

As a leading financial institution, Meezan Bank’s adherence to tax regulations and sizable tax payments reflect its dedication to promoting a robust economic environment and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

The annual Tax Excellence Awards celebrate individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional tax compliance, aiming to encourage a tax-conducive culture across Pakistan. By honoring Meezan Bank among the top taxpayers, the awards have spotlighted the Islamic bank’s role as a responsible corporate citizen driving economic progress.

“This recognition is a source of immense pride for Meezan Bank and validates our efforts to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical business practices,” said the bank’s President and CEO in a statement. “As a leading financial institution, we remain committed to fulfilling our tax obligations and playing our part in Pakistan’s economic development.”

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