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LinkedIn Report Shows Fastest Growing Jobs in U.S. Dominated by Tech Roles

SAN FRANCISCO – LinkedIn’s annual “Jobs on the Rise” report for 2024 reveals the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the U.S. are dominated by technology roles, reflecting how automation and artificial intelligence are transforming the workplace.

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According to the professional networking platform’s data, seven of the top 10 jobs and 68% of roles overall on the list did not exist just 20 years ago.

  • #1 is Chief Growth Officer – creates plans to boost revenue, drive expansion, access new markets
  • #2 is Government Program Analyst – evaluates public sector initiatives through data analysis, financial oversight, regulatory compliance
  • #3 is Environment Health Safety Manager – ensures workplace sustainability and safety
  • #4 is Director of Revenue Operations – oversees company’s revenue generation processes
  • #5 is Sustainability Analyst – enhances social and environmental practices
  • #6 is Advanced Practice Provider – provides primary care like exams and diagnoses
  • #7 is VP of Inclusion and Diversity – develops diversity, equity and inclusion policies
  • #8 is AI Consultant – guides integration of AI technologies into operations
  • #9 is Hiring Manager – recruits and assesses job candidates
  • #10 is AI Engineer – builds AI models and algorithms to automate human intelligence tasks

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