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Lahore Traffic Police Warden Earns Ph.D. While Continuing Duty

LAHORE – A busy traffic warden with the Lahore Traffic Police has accomplished the impressive feat of earning a Ph.D. while continuing his duty. Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman recently obtained his doctorate from the University of Punjab, with his thesis focusing on “Pakistan-China Relations” within South Asian Studies.

Despite the demands of his job as a traffic warden, Dr. Rehman found time for academic pursuits. Ammara Athar, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, praised his commitment to education despite resource constraints. As a token of appreciation, she announced Dr. Rehman would receive a certificate of recognition.

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The CTO also highlighted the educational achievements of other traffic wardens. Among the 3,100 wardens, ten hold Ph.D. degrees, 150 have M.Phil degrees, and 80 possess Master’s degrees in various subjects. Some wardens have specialized degrees including French Science, Molecular Biology, and English Literature. The department provides monthly bonuses of Rs5,000 for those with M.Phil degrees and Rs10,000 for Ph.D. holders.

Dr. Rehman’s achievement demonstrates that with determination, continuing education is possible even with a demanding job. He serves as an inspirational example of lifelong learning for his colleagues and others.

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