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Karachi Traders Decry Billions in Losses Due to Business Shutdown

Business Community Urges Government to Devise Plan for Uninterrupted Commercial Activities

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) – The Sindh government’s decision to impose a lockdown in Karachi during the visit of the Iranian president has drawn sharp criticism from the city’s business community, who claim to have suffered losses amounting to over Rs. 3 billion in a single day due to the forced closure of markets and commercial establishments.

On Tuesday, the provincial government declared a public holiday, leading to the shutdown of major shopping hubs such as the Saddar markets and the electronics district on MA Jinnah Road. While some grain markets and clothing stores were allowed to operate partially, traders reported sluggish business activity throughout the day.

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Expressing their concerns, representatives of various trade associations estimated that the city’s businesses might have incurred losses of approximately Rs. 3.5 billion due to the one-day forced closure. They have urged the government to devise a comprehensive plan to ensure the uninterrupted operations of commercial activities during future visits or events.

“The abrupt shutdown has dealt a severe blow to our daily earnings,” said Ahmed Khan, president of the All Karachi Traders’ Union. “While we understand the security considerations, the government must strike a balance and provide a conducive environment for businesses to function without disruptions.”

The traders’ demands come amidst growing concerns over the economic impact of such shutdowns, particularly in a metropolis like Karachi, which serves as the financial and commercial hub of Pakistan.

Government officials have yet to respond to the traders’ grievances, but the incident has reignited debates surrounding the need for better coordination and planning to minimize the adverse effects on the city’s vibrant business landscape.

As Karachi continues to navigate the challenges posed by security protocols and commercial interests, stakeholders are calling for a collaborative approach to address the concerns of the business community and ensure the city’s economic resilience.

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