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Karachi Implements Two-Month Ban on Kite-Flying and String Sale to Curb Rising Accidents

Karachi, Pakistan – In response to a surge in accidents and injuries caused by hazardous kite strings, Karachi Commissioner Saleem Rajput has announced a stringent two-month ban on kite-flying and the sale of kite strings in the city. Implemented under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), this ban prohibits all activities related to kite-flying, including production, sale, and flying, from March 30 to May 29.
The decision to impose this ban comes in light of the alarming increase in incidents attributed to dangerous kite strings, which pose a significant risk to public safety. Already, eight reported injuries have been linked to these perilous strings, prompting authorities to take swift action to protect the well-being of Karachi’s residents.

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Commissioner Saleem Rajput emphasized the gravity of the situation, highlighting the severe dangers associated with kite-flying activities. He stressed the paramount importance of prioritizing the safety and lives of citizens, citing the urgent need to intervene and prevent further accidents and injuries caused by these lethal strings.

The ban on kite-flying and string sales is a proactive measure aimed at mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of Karachi’s populace. Authorities urge residents to adhere to the ban and help out policing to forestall any violations during the designated period. This initiative reflects the city’s commitment to safeguarding public welfare and reducing preventable accidents and injuries associated with recreational activities.

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