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Karachi Farmers Cultivate ‘Miyazaki’ – The World’s Most Expensive Mango

In a remarkable feat, local farmers in Karachi have succeeded in cultivating the highly sought-after Miyazaki mango, considered the world’s most expensive variety. These premium mangoes, originally from Japan, are now being grown in the hot climate of Pakistan’s financial capital, fetching an astonishing price of Rs 300,000 per kilogram.

While mango enthusiasts in Pakistan are accustomed to the traditional varieties like Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasheri, and Anwar Rathore during the mango season, the arrival of the Miyazaki mango has sparked a new trend in the country’s mango industry.

Speaking to reporters, a local farmer from Karachi’s Malir area shed light on the unique characteristics of the Miyazaki mango. “These mangoes are known for their vibrant red and purple colors, which sets them apart from the traditional yellow mangoes we’re used to,” the farmer explained.

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On the international market, Miyazaki mangoes command exorbitant prices, ranging from $800 to $900 per kilogram, which translates to a staggering Rs 250,000 to Rs 300,000 in Pakistani currency.

Initially introduced as a trial, the successful cultivation of Miyazaki mangoes in Karachi has opened doors for wider production across the country. The farmer praised the fertile land of the Malir area, expressing confidence in the future of Miyazaki mango cultivation in Pakistan. “Our region has proven its ability to produce abundant harvests, and we are excited about the prospects of this unique mango variety,” the farmer said.

As more farmers embrace the cultivation of Miyazaki mangoes, consumers in Pakistan can look forward to seeing these exotic and high-priced mangoes become a staple in the country’s mango season, offering a luxurious and exclusive option alongside the traditional varieties.

The introduction of Miyazaki mangoes in Pakistan’s markets is expected to attract mango connoisseurs and those with a penchant for rare and expensive delicacies, further elevating the country’s reputation as a mango-producing powerhouse.

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