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IT and Sustainability Jobs See Rapid Growth Across Europe

London – Jobs in IT, sustainability, sales and data analytics are the fastest growing professions across Europe, according to professional networking site LinkedIn.

LinkedIn data shows employment skills have evolved 25% since 2015, and are predicted to transform 65% globally by 2030.

“Automation and AI have created new opportunities and challenges for professionals and firms preparing for the future,” LinkedIn said.

The site’s ‘Jobs on the Rise’ report reveals the roles growing quickest over 5 years in European nations:

  • France: Energy Broker, Sales Manager, Admissions Expert
  • Germany: Public Sector Consultant, Sustainability Manager, Cyber Security Analyst
  • Ireland: Chief Commercial Officer, Learning Specialist, Caseworker
  • Italy: Business Development Executive, AI Engineer, Security Ops Supervisor
  • Netherlands: Product Analyst, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Data Steward
  • Spain: Sustainability Manager, Software Engineer, Security Ops Analyst
  • Sweden: Cyber Security, Sustainability and Business Development Experts
  • Switzerland: AI Engineer, Financial Advisor, HR Specialist
  • UK: Underwriting Analyst, Sales Development Rep, Sustainability Manager

Some roles like Sales Manager and Software Engineer have more remote work options. Hybrid roles include Caseworker, Cyber Security Engineer, Underwriting Analyst.

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Median experience needed is 1.7 to 6.8 years depending on role.

Top paying European roles are Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Financial Director, Data Scientist and Product Manager – all over €5,000 monthly.

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