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Islamabad Launches Vehicle Services Initiative at Trail 3

Islamabad – The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has rolled out a new initiative to streamline vehicle-related services for citizens at Trail 3.

According to ICT spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Tabasum, the key objective is to improve public access to crucial services by bringing them closer to the local community.

Excise department staff will be available at the Trail 3 parking lot from 3PM to 5PM daily to facilitate various tasks like vehicle registration, transfers, token tax transactions and more.

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The ICT Doorstep Service program already offers a range of documents and permits including birth certificates, domiciles, power of attorney, international driving license, fuel permits (domestic/commercial), motor vehicle registration and more. Residents are advised to utilize these easily accessible facilities at the designated hours in the Trail 3 parking area.

The initiative aims to save time and effort for vehicle owners by eliminating the need to visit distant excise offices for routine tasks. ICT administration has urged citizens to benefit from the services for seamless processing of their vehicle-related paperwork.

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