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Islamabad CDA to Reintroduce Toll Tax Collection After 10 Years

ISLAMABAD, Jan 30: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced it will resume toll tax collection at entry points in Islamabad after a ten-year gap, concerning residents.

The decision is part of the CDA’s revenue-boosting plans to address its financial constraints.

The CDA publicly approved the project after finalizing plans to establish tax collection terminals at key internal entry points.

Toll tax collection will resume at six busy internal locations including Margalla Avenue, Islamabad Expressway, Srinagar Highway and Murree Road.

CDA’s Planning and Revenue wings will determine appropriate tax rates. Officials say this proactive step will expand revenue streams and ultimately improve infrastructure and services.

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Islamabad residents were relieved of toll duties in 2013 when the Interior Minister ordered closure of all tax points on internal highways.

In 2019, the Metropolitan Corporation decided to restore tolls at Islamabad entries but did not implement it.

Citizens have expressed concerns over the added financial burden. Analysts say CDA should focus on improving its operations, accountability and financial management instead of simply passing taxes to the public.