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Islamabad and Rawalpindi Metro Bus Station

The screeching of brakes and honking of horns are ubiquitous in the congested streets of Pakistan’s twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Commuters often find themselves trapped in endless traffic jams, inhaling thick clouds of exhaust fumes while precious minutes tick by. But there is a solution to this urban transportation nightmare – the modern, efficient Metro Bus system connecting Islamabad and Rawalpindi. 

Since its launch in 2015, the Metro Bus has transformed commutes for residents, providing a comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly way to cross the cities. The bright red buses glide smoothly in dedicated lanes, bypassing gridlocked traffic and reliably sticking to strict timetables. Passengers enjoy air-conditioned rides between the 24 stations spread over 23 kilometres, from Pak Secretariat in Islamabad to Saddar in Rawalpindi. 

The Metro Bus has eased congestion, reduced commuting times, and decreased pollution by using compressed natural gas. The Metro Bus is a breath of fresh air for urban dwellers frustrated by their daily commute.

Line 1 Metro Bus Stations

Line 1 of the metro bus system links Islamabad and Rawalpindi along a 23-km route. Operational since June 2015, it starts at the Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad, runs through the city center, and ends in Saddar, Rawalpindi’s commercial hub. The efficient, CNG-powered buses service 24 stations via dedicated lanes, providing residents of both cities with an eco-friendly transportation option that reduces commuting times and congestion.

The stations or metro bus stops on the route are:

  •   Pak Secretariat
  •   Parade Ground
  •   Shaheed-e-Millat
  •   7th avenue
  •   Stock Exchange
  •   PIMS
  •   Katchehry
  •   Ibn-e-Sina
  •   Chaman
  •   Kashmir Highway
  •   Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  •   Khayaban-e-Johar
  •   Potohar
  •   IJP
  •   Faizabad
  •   Shamsabad
  •   6th Road
  •   Rehmanabad
  •   Chandni Chowk
  •   Waris Khan
  •   Committee Chowk
  •   Liaqat Bagh
  •   Marrir Chowk
  •   Saddar

Line 2 Metro Bus Stations

Line 2 of the metro bus system runs 27 km from Kashmir Highway to Islamabad International Airport, parallel to Srinagar Highway. It services multiple stops along the route, providing commuters with efficient transportation to the airport.

  •   Srinagar Highway
  •   H-9/G-9
  •   IIUI/G-10
  •   High Court
  •   H-11/G-11
  •   NUST/G-12 (East)
  •   NUST/G-12 (West)
  •   Golra Mor/G-13
  •   Grand Trunk Road
  •   Jammu & Kashmir/ G-15
  •   Badhana Kalan/G-16
  •   M1/M2 Interchange
  •   Rakh Pind Ranjha
  •   Islamabad Airport

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Fare and Timings

Riding the metro bus in Islamabad is a modern and convenient way to get around the city. The Islamabad Metro Bus service operates daily from 6:15am to 10:00pm, providing an efficient public transportation option for residents and visitors alike.

Managed by the Punjab Metro Bus Authority, the system utilizes advanced technologies like an Intelligent Transportation System and e-ticketing to make travel smooth and efficient. Buses are air-conditioned and offer free WiFi, escalators and elevators provide easy accessibility, and platforms are equipped with screens, turnstiles, and ticket booths.

The metro bus connects key destinations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with the same timings applying to both cities since they are part of the same integrated network. Safety and security are also prioritized, with monitoring systems allowing controllers to oversee operations from a central command center.

With modern amenities and reliable service, the Islamabad Metro Bus aims to make urban transportation simple. Riders appreciate the clean, air-conditioned buses and tech-enabled system that gets them where they need to go in a safe, hassle-free manner.

 Buying Tickets for the Islamabad Metro

To ride the modern metro buses in Islamabad, travelers must purchase valid fare media. Tickets can be bought at ticket offices in stations or from convenient Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs).

To use the TVMs, select the number of tokens needed, insert the amount due (PKR 30 per token), and take the receipt and token. Alternatively, reusable metro bus cards can be purchased for about PKR 130. These cards can be refunded, minus a deposit, if returned in good condition.

When tapping a metro bus card at a turnstile, riders have 30 seconds to pass through before the trip fare is deducted. The card shows the remaining balance at entry and exit points. Following the ticketing process allows for smooth, convenient travel on Islamabad’s high-tech metro bus system.

Choosing the Best Ticket Option for Your Metro Bus Ride

When riding the Islamabad metro, travelers can choose between single-ride tokens or reusable metro cards. The card is better for regular commuters, like students or office workers, since it avoids ticket lines. Tokens allow for quick, one-time trips without commitment.

Tokens are valid for about one hour from first use. If time expires before exiting, there is a PKR 50 fee to exit, payable in cash. The same fee applies if a token is lost. This makes tokens a less ideal choice for frequent riders.

In contrast, metro cards offer convenience and flexibility. Cards can be topped up as needed, registrations tied to an ID, and swiped seamlessly to enter and exit. For those riding the metro daily, the reusable metro card is the best choice for a simplifying your commute.

Facts on Islamabad Metro Bus Service

Line 1, which starts from Pak Secretariat and ends in Saddar, has a total length of 23 km.
There are 24 stations on Line 1, which cost around 44.8 billion rupees to construct.
Line 2, which starts from Kashmir Highway and ends at the Islamabad Airport, is 25.6 km.
The metro bus rapid transit system was the first system in the country that used e-tickets.
Currently, one ticket costs 30 rupees.
The project currently has 68 buses, of which 60 are actively used while eight are kept in a spare.
Metro was previously operated by a Turkish company M/S Platform Turizm.
Upon completion of the contract on 31 August 2021, the new contract was awarded to VEDA Transit.
The Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMA) finalises the metro bus schedule and rates.
The phone number for Metro Bus Islamabad is (051) 111-222-627.

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