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Countries With Shortest and Longest Fasting Hours This Ramadan

KARACHI, Jan 31: With Ramadan approaching, starting likely on March 12 in Pakistan, astronomical estimates show huge variations in fasting durations across countries due to daylight hour differences.

The longest fasting hours of approximately 17 hours 26 minutes will be observed in Nuuk, Greenland while the shortest fast will be in Puerto Montt, Chile at nearly 12 hours 44 minutes.

Pakistanis are expected to fast around 14 hours during the holy month, with Karachi projected to observe 13 hours 54 minutes fast.

Here are places with longest fasting hours:

  • 17 hours 26 minutes in Nuuk, Greenland
  • 17 hours 25 minutes in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 17 hours 9 minutes in Helsinki, Finland

Shortest fasting hours:

  • 12 hours 44 minutes in Puerto Montt, Chile
  • 12 hours 46 minutes in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 13 hours 15 minutes in Nairobi, Kenya

The significant contrast shows the considerable effect of latitude on day length and fasting times. Countries far north of the equator have extremely long summer days causing prolonged fasting. Conversely, places south of the equator have shorter days and fasting hours.

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Muslim majority countries closer to the poles like Sweden, Norway and Iceland have the most demanding Ramadan regimen. Pakistan’s location provides relatively moderate fasting duration.

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