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Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari Set to Become Pakistan’s First Daughter to Serve as First Lady

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – In an unprecedented move, President Asif Ali Zardari is expected to formally declare his daughter, Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari, as the First Lady of Pakistan. This decision would make Aseefa the first daughter of a Pakistani president to hold the prestigious position traditionally reserved for the president’s spouse.

The announcement comes after Zardari was sworn in as the 14th President of Pakistan on Sunday, March 10, 2024, marking his historic second term in office. Aseefa, the youngest daughter of the late Benazir Bhutto and Zardari, is poised to assume the role and responsibilities of the First Lady.

Typically, the wife of the President holds the title of First Lady, but in this unique case, Zardari has chosen to bestow the honor upon his daughter. During his previous tenure as President from 2008 to 2013, the position remained vacant following the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

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Once officially declared, Aseefa will be granted the protocol and privileges befitting the First Lady of Pakistan. Her duties will include accompanying the President on official visits, receiving dignitaries, and hosting official functions at the Presidential Palace.

The decision to appoint Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari as the First Lady is unprecedented in Pakistan’s history and has drawn mixed reactions from political analysts and the public. While some have praised the move as a symbolic gesture to honor the legacy of Benazir Bhutto, others have raised concerns about the potential concentration of power within the Bhutto-Zardari family dynasty.

Aseefa, who has actively participated in the political arena and served as a member of the National Assembly, is expected to bring a fresh perspective and energy to the role of First Lady. Her appointment is seen as a significant step towards empowering women in leadership positions within the country.

As Pakistan navigates through various challenges, the appointment of Aseefa Bhutto-Zardari as the First Lady will be closely watched, with many anticipating her potential influence and impact on the nation’s political and social landscape.

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