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Air Ambulance Service set for launch in June

The Punjab government under Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz announced major initiatives on Monday aimed at bolstering healthcare services and national security in the province.

In a press conference, CM Maryam revealed that the long-awaited air ambulance service will commence operations in June this year. “Training sessions for air ambulance staff are already underway to ensure utmost professionalism and preparedness,” she stated. The air ambulance service is expected to significantly improve emergency medical response times, especially in remote areas.

Turning to security matters, the CM declared her administration’s resolve to fully implement the stalled National Action Plan (NAP) against terrorism. “We remain steadfast in combating the menace of terrorism that has claimed so many martyrs,” Maryam affirmed while chairing the inaugural meeting of the apex committee on law and order.

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The NAP, formulated after the tragic 2014 Army Public School attack in Peshawar, encompasses a comprehensive strategy involving military operations, choking terror financing, and counter-radicalization efforts. Its reinvigoration signals renewed focus on rooting out terrorist elements still operating in the country.

CM Maryam also addressed the fallout from the May 9 events last year, when political unrest escalated into armed attacks on state institutions. “The evolution of political extremism into terrorism poses grave threats that require concerted action,” she warned, highlighting the need for a multipronged approach tackling both security and root political causes.

The announcements come amidst concerns over lingering terrorist threats as well as public demands for improved governance and service delivery in Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province. Political observers view Maryam’s initiatives as aimed at reassuring the populace while recalibrating priorities to tackle immediate challenges head-on.

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